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The Fantasy Insiders

The latest episode of The Fantasy Insiders

July 21st, 2014

Topics discussed in this episode include:
The controversy over ESPN’s decision to air a video game competition
Philadelphia Phillies – Cliff Lee makes his highly anticipated return to action
Detroit Tigers & Texas Rangers – Would you rather have Max Scherzer or Yu Darvish for the rest of the season?
Los Angeles Angels – Houston Street finally has a new home
Chicago White Sox – This Jose Abreu kid is pretty good
Washington Nationals – Anthony Rendon says he doesn’t watch baseball “because the games are too long and boring”
and much, much more…


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@BSuissa’s – Mid-Season Surprises and Demises

Mid-Season Surprises and Demises

As we arrive at the All Star Break, I felt it was appropriate to go through fantasy’s player ranks up to this point and give recognition to those deserving. In general, I used Yahoo’s O-rank (pre-draft ranking) versus Rank to date, selecting the most noteworthy contrasts. In trying to keep things as fair as possible, I, for the most part, refrained from picking the injured player. It is often difficult to foresee Braves’ pitchers needing DL stints for scarred urethrae…



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